Thursday, January 29, 2009

week 9, thing 23

The End? Whew! I almost didn't finish in time, lol.

My favorite exercises were google docs because i think it's really useful, the flickr ones even though i still use photobucket most of the time, and podcasts because i'd been wondering about them. Now i just need to remember to use these great new tools. I wasn't a big fan of rollyo, delicious, or technorati but still the exercises were informative.

I would have liked to see an excerise about social networking sites because they're a great way to connect w/ other library workers & authors & stuff.

Another web 2.0 tool i've found very useful is because you can add your favorites & it recommends other sites & it's easy to use.

Thanks for for opportunity, I learned lots.

week 9, thing 22

I'd never used any of those programs before, so I first tried Library DV, then Overdrive because i couldn't find anything i wanted to watch, then i went back to Library DV because i had trouble dl'ing the Overdrive console thingy. I just picked whatever film and downloaded it with no problems. The software was already loaded on this computer and it was easy to view & checkout the available programs.

I think these are great programs are good to offer because they're more flexible than just books & dvds. I don't know the price of these services or anything but i'd guess it's more economical than buying each item IRL. Also they take less staff time to process & can be checked out an infinite number of times since they don't wear out.

With a little more exploring i think i'd be able to help patrons, at least with the basics of searching & downloading as long as i revisit it every once in a while for refreshers.

week 9, thing 21

As i looked around i found Lincoln City Libraries' Casting About book review podcasts. I listened to because i like one of the series they were talking about. Their reviews were rather convincing so i think i'll have to check out the other, lol.

I think OPL could do a similar book review podcast. Or perhaps OPL could do something about programs and upcoming events and stuff, sort of like a newsletter. Or maybe podcasts of storytimes. Ooh, or podcasts showing how to use the electronic databases.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

week 9, thing 20

I've used youtube a lot. I've found loads of music videos there that i'd have otherwise never gotten to see. It's also a great place to find funny kitty videos, lol. I liked that it recommends related videos & that you can post comments & add favorites to your account. I also like how easy it is to cross-post videos & share them. I didn't like... i didn't notice anything i didn't really like about it.

the video i chose to post here is from Little Britain, one of my favorite shows, because it's... library related.

I've posted a couple SRC videos there for the library (HERE and HERE) because they were too big for myspace videos, so that's a way the library is already harnessing the power of youtube.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

week 8, thing 19

I explored a tool called "Voki" to create a talking avatar. I liked that i could customize the way the avatar looked even down to her eye color. I also liked that i could make her say anything i want and that there was a variety of voices to choose from. The down side was that she weirdly pronounced some words.

I think this tool could be useful for the myspace page (dunno if'd work on facebook) for a welcome message if it speaks automatically. Of course, the bad thing about automatic sound is that it's annoying for repeat visitors. Perhaps it would be useful on the webpage as an assistance for those who can't read very well.

week 8, thing 18

i went with google docs because i already have a google account.

  1. first off i uploaded a document i'd already made from my computer, then saved it. very nice :D

  2. then i messed around and made a document where i learned how easy it is to add comments & photos & links.

  3. then i took what i'm typing out of blogger and pasted it into google docs to try blogging it... and it did!

  4. then i looked at it's html and messed around with it a bit more

I like this app a lot... i mean A LOT. I can see my self using it at work, like when i'm writing blogs for the myspace (because myspace's blog editor is ooky and frustrating!) and also for personal use, like when i'm working on my website.

week 7, thing 17

wow, signing up was easy. i spent several minutes looking around the PLCMC Learning 2.0 wiki site trying to find a long sign up form. i added my blog to the bottom of the list. it was almost too easy. i also added favorites to a couple of lists & just for fun made them a color. that it?